Southwestern University Law School

(formerly Bullocks Wilshire department store), Wilshire, 1929, John & Donald Parkinson, designer: Jock Peters, porte cochère mural by Herman Sachs

Sunset Tower Hotel, (formerly Argyle Hotel/formerly Sunset Tower Apartments)

West Hollywood, 1929-31, Leland A. Bryant

Thomas Jefferson High School

Downtown, 1936, Morgan, Walls and Clements

Union Station

Downtown, 1934-39, John & Donald Parkinson, J.H. Christie, H.L. Gilman, R.J. Wirth, and Herman Sachs

Venice Canals

Venice, 1905, Abbott Kinney developer, Moses Sherman and Eli Clark

The Wall That Speaks, Sings, And Shouts

East LA, 2001, Paul Botello

Watts Towers

Watts, 1921 – 1954, Simon Rodia

Wayfarers Chapel

Palos Verdes, 1951, Lloyd Wright

Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites

Downtown, 1976, John Portman and Associates

Yamashiro Restaurant, 15th Century Japanese Pagoda